Looking at the world of media: from music to RIA.


My name is James Polanco and I am an Interactive Architect consultant who provides high level web application architecture designs and development processes for my clients.  I am an experienced web application developer and I have been actively working in the Internet industry since 1996.  In the past I worked for Macromedia/Adobe for over seven years and spent the last three years at Macromedia/Adobe on the Flex Builder team as a Senior QE Team Lead focusing on automated testing and AS 3.0 development harnesses for Flex Builder’s design view.

In 2005, I helped found and launch the Fake Science Lab Report which was a pioneering podcast dedicated to the new digital music industry.  In November of 2005 we launched the Fake Science digital music store which allowed us to help promote and sell music for unsigned and indie based musicians.  The store was designed and built from the ground up leveraging LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies and intergrated into Verisign for our online transactions.  Fake Science music was active for two years before we determined it was time to change our focus to other projects.

I left Adobe in 2006 to focus on Fake Science and to start working as a freelance developer.  Later that year I joined DHAP Digital to design and implement the Flex architecture for Scion.com and other Flash based technologies used on Toyota.com and Lexus.com.  I left DHAP in September 2007 to become an independent consultant and I now provide services for multiple Fortune 500 companies and small startup firms who require Flex and ActionScript based development.

In my freetime I have been an active dj and producer, play multiple instruments and helped build Chris Walcott’s private music studio located in Oakland, CA.  The studio was used to produce the Fake Science Lab Report and record multiple bands such as Subimage, Troll and The Great Auk.

Due to my extenisve background in both online media and music I felt it was time to start a blog dedicated to these topics.  Vivisecting Media is a space for me to write about media and technology that interests me.  It is also a repository for tips and tricks that I learn over the years not only to help other developers but to keep an archive for myself.  I hope you enjoy what I have to say…

You can contact me at: james /[at] @ vivisectingmedia [dot] . com  (some editing may be required)