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Another Introduction

November 28th, 2005 Posted in General Media / Stuff

Originally, I was just going to start off with a regular post and skip the formal introductions. The more I thought about it, I soon realized I should probably do a little framing of the site before I jump into the fray.

A few of you may have read my old blog “The Life and Times of a Backyard Producer”. This blog focused on the development of the Cedub studio (a.k.a The Audio Lab) and ended up more of a documentation of my experiences creating music. The issue that I have had with this format was in the last 8 or so months I have had very little time to work on music production and I haven’t had that many topics that are in the scope of the blog to chat about.

With the founding of Fake Science, the launch of the podcast and now our music store I have been coming across a lot of topics that I wanted to write about but until now I didn’t really have a forum to post to. I really wanted to keep “The Life and Times” on point and with everything going on at the time I didn’t get around to starting a new blog. The goal of “Vivisecting Media” is to broaden the topics I write about and allow me some freedom to just think about media in any form, from film to games to podcasting.

At the moment I feel we are standing on the brink of a massive sea change in media industry. In all actuality it has already begun with the new forms of distribution, media generation, independent movements, lower technology cost, etc. I am currently in awe of what is going on and I felt (with some serious pushing by my friends, thanks Josh and Danah) that this was a good way to start documenting these times and also to throw out my own thoughts into the mix.

I will attempt to post three or more times a week, both random finds and on a semi-regular basis a longer narrative on topics that either I find interesting or based on conversations I have had with friends and colleagues. Hopefully you will find this all interesting, informative, and entertaining. Well, enough about the blog… on with the show!

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