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Subimage live on Friday

March 29th, 2006 Posted in Music

For everyone in the Bay Area, Subimage is playing at the Red Devil Lounge and opening for Dramarama. Yeah, that Dramarama. Subimage was founded by my good friend Chris Campbell around 10 years ago. Originally the band started out as a synthpop act but over the last few years he has really evolved the sound to more of an indie/dance punk tip.

Last July, Chris was opening for a Cause and Effect at the Red Devil Lounge and asked Cedub and myself to sit in on the show. I played guitar and scratched whiled Cedub was playing electronic percussion. The show was a hit and we ended up sitting in again as bassists and drummer for another show at the now defunct Cherry Bar.

Since then, Chris has been joined by guitarist Ruba and Greg on bass. They had their first show earlier this month with this new iteration. The live versions of the album songs they have on myspace sound great and I am excited to finally catch them live this Friday. So, if any of you reading are in the Bay check out the show on Friday they go on at 8pm, you can get tix online here.

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