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Educational Dopeness

May 2nd, 2006 Posted in General Media / Stuff, Music

Yeah, I know dopeness isn’t a word, but whatever. Over at my favorite music info blog, Create Digital Music, Peter posted a link to the Philharmonia orchestra site. What is interesting about this site is they break down the orchestra by instrument and have info for each one.

This is where it gets interesting. Each instrument is then broken down by construction tonal range, playing technique, how it is written for, what it transposes to when played, etc. etc. There is some seriously deep information here and on top of that they have members of the orchestra demonstrating all this in streaming Quicktime so you can actually see and hear how it works.

This is the kind of site that I can get sucked into for hours. Watching and reading every tid bit of information they have on the site. My old roommate and good friend, Halim, majored in composing and he and I would spend hours talking and playing music over the piano and guitar. This is definitely an area I want to spend more time focusing and there is just so much to learn. Anyway, this is definitely a site to play with if you have any interest in orchestra or orchestration.

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