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AC Transit to offer WiFi

August 28th, 2006 Posted in General Media / Stuff

Usually I don’t post about technology, that’s really not the purpose of this blog, but man this is too exciting not to post about: 

Public transport in the San Francisco Bay Area is to join the 21st Century now that AC Transit, one of the transit authorities in the region, is about to start testing WiFi on a fleet of 79 buses. The service will be free for riders (and freeloading WiFi addicts in following cars), and is due for a full rollout in mid-fall. The bus routes taking part in the test phase travel along three of the longest bridges in the area (the Dumbarton, San Meteo and Bay), which is intentional: having WiFi on longer routes makes it easier for passengers to justify getting out and booting up their laptop…

I ride the V line (crosses the Bay Bridge) home almost everyday after work and most days its about a 20-30 min ride.  Sometimes its a LOT longer.  Usually I just listen to my iPod but sometimes I wished I had the internet to surf on, work on projects etc. Now this is becoming a reality.  I am looking to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro and this would be pretty sweet having iNet when riding. I wonder if I could stream music…

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