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Quick update…

October 25th, 2007 Posted in Fake Science, General Media / Stuff, max 2007

Things have been crazy hectic for me over the last few weeks. The big news is that we have decided to close down the Fake Science store. For more details check out my post on the FS Blog about why we are closing the store. I am hoping that once this all settles down I will have more free time to do things like post and work on some examples. In fact, I am working on an article with some people right now that I can’t wait to talk about, but for now I can only tease you about it.

I still have a lot of notes from Max that I want to post, the one topic that I really want to dig into is the Flash Player internals presentation that I attended. Lots of great stuff and I want to sit down and get it up. I may try to later today.

I have heard rumor that sessions from Max were recorded and may become available. I hope they do, specifically for the Inspire Session that was presented by Michael Gough. Michael co-heads the Adobe XD design team and he did an amazing session talking about design challenges and goals for current and future web applications. Brilliant stuff and I want to spend more time thinking and talking about what he hit on.

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