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Trying out Disqus for comments…

November 8th, 2007 Posted in JavaScript, Self Reference, web 2.0

Disqus LogoA while back I was having an email kvetch session with Jack Herrington about Flex String formating and during the thread he asked if I read Uncov. At the time I did not, now I am an avid fan (also the blog pics are redonkulus). Uncov is pretty much a blog dedicated to the world of Web 2.0 and when appropriate points out that the Emperor is butt ass naked. Usually, the pointing out is more the norm then not, but today’s Uncov post talked highly about a new Web 2.0 service called Disqus.

Disqus is a conversation / comment service for your blog that is all Web 2.0′d out using JS vodoo. Okay, its not really vodoo but my Ajax Kung Fu sucks compared to the people I work with so its all black magic to me. Black Magic that uses $ a lot… I mean ALOT. What the fuck, is it some Web 2.0 comment, like “my code is ChaChing!! Money baby!!!” Anyhoo, I took a look at the service and I am trying it out. Install was stupid simple and now I have threaded comments that can link back to a main forum page. They provide a slick admin system and they also have spam filtering. Oooh… new toys. So for the eight of you that read this blog, try it out if you have sum’thn to say.

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