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Aggressive “Direct” Recruiting

January 22nd, 2008 Posted in ActionScript, Flex Development, General Media / Stuff, JavaScript, Rich Internet Applications, Self Reference, web 2.0, web integration

It just happened again… I am sitting at my desk and the phone rings from an “unknown” number. I answer the call and it is a Michael for Coit Staffing informing that he has been looking for me. He has already called and left messages on my phone informing me he has a great Senior ActionScript position with a Sequoia Capital backed startup in the search realm. You know, the VC firm that backed Google, YouTube, etc. etc. The company is in “secret” mode and he wants to talk to me about possible positions.

Right now I am not looking for work. I have my own clients and my own sources for work. If I was looking for work I would have contacted you. I have posted NO WHERE that I am looking for a job nor have I posted my resume. When Michael finally gets me on the phone I inform him that I am not interested in a new position. I then tell him that he is calling on my office line and he says “I know…” with such attitude implying that he doesn’t care where he calls. He next starts the “Can you help me…” line that means he wants contacts of mine that he can call. I tell him that I don’t have any contacts or know anyone looking. He then has the nerve to tell me that his position is “a better place to work” then I am at now. Again, I tell him I am not looking and he then says “Its your loss.” and hangs up.

This is not the first time this has happened. I have had repeated recruiters call me on my office phone aggressively trying to persuade me to interview. When did this become acceptable behavior? This is not professional, especially the way Michael treated me. After that call I was very upset at the un-professionalism from a representative of Coit Staffing and I do not want to consider opportunities from them.

I am not the only one this has happened to. Aaron, who also works with me at this office, received the same call from a Coit rep and when Aaron asked why the recruiter didn’t call him on Aaron’s cell phone the recruiters response was that he did not have the number. Aaron then stated that if the recruiter had his resume then the cell phone would be available. The recruiter then stated that he did not have Aaron’s resume. At that point Aaron tore into him about his unprofessional manner and how he was not looking for a new position. The recruiter’s excuse was that he is using “Direct Recruiting”. What the fuck?

Luckily, I had one recruiter who was much nicer explain that she got my information from LinkedIn. The way it works is the recruiter searches for keywords on LinkedIn, such as RIA or Flex, find people with that in their bio and then call the current company the person works at. The recruiter then ask to be transfered to you so they can begin the pitch. This is just stunning to me. They are so desperate to place a good position and get their cut on your take that they will scrape the web trying to find a name and a sucker looking for a startup. Screw that noise…

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