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FlexBuilder 3 Pro compiling Flex 2 SKD charts issue

February 29th, 2008 Posted in Flex Development

flex_logo.jpgI am starting to work on a project that requires charting so I bit the bullet and upgraded to Flex Builder 3 Pro which includes the advanced charting component set. I was looking at some prototype code that was built using Flex 2 and when I switched over my Flex project to use SDK 2.0.1 to compile I was seeing the “charts demo” water mark. Wait, what? I have the full version why is it not working? Luckily Larry, my good friend and ex-manager on Flex Builder, was online and had the solution handy.

The issue is that you need to have the Flex 2 charting serial number in the license.properties file to enable the compiler to disable the watermark. I use OS X so my file locations are different then Windows, but the idea should be the same. In the Flex 2.0.1 SDK folder resides the license.properties file that stores your serial number for Flex builder. In OS X it is:

{install_path}:Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in:sdks:2.0.1:frameworks:license.properties
Open that file and you should see three unfilled entries:
I filled in both flexbuilder and charting in to be safe (charting is a unique serial number btw), closed Eclipse and restarted. When filling in the serial drop all the dashes “-”:
Once I restarted, I cleaned the project, rebuilt and all was good in the world. Larry informed me that a Technote is slated so Adobe is aware of this issue and it is being documented. Enjoy!

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