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Testing Markdown Support In Wordpress

April 19th, 2008 Posted in OS X, Self Reference

I have been looking for multiple offline text editors for my blog. I have tried a few different ones over the years but I haven’t really found one I like. I have actually done most of my posting in the WYSIWYG Wordpress editor and gotten by in most cases. Recently, I have been doing a lot more inline ActionScript and to get the text to format correctly I have to use <pre> HTML markup and the WYSIWYG editor tends to choke on it.

Since then I started writing post in Textmate and I realized that there is probably blogging support already built into it. I was correct and the pre-bundled release has blogging support with markdown already installed. Markdown is a plain text markup language that you can be parsed by the markdown engine that was written in perl. It was ported over to PHP and supposedly is now bundled into Wordpress.

I figured I would try it out and see how it goes using this new syntax and the blogging bundle in Textmate. Hopefully it works right out of the box!

Update: Well… it didn’t work the first time up. The issue was that I didn’t have PHP Markdown installed. Apparently its not fully bundled with it or I may have deleted the plugin. It now works and honestly this is freaking awesome how powerful and simple the syntax is and how the Textmate plugin works.

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  2. By webnesto on Apr 25, 2008

    I’ve always loved Markdown. It’s grrrrrrreAT!

    I’ve almost always made my wordpress posts through the wysiwyg tho, since I have a tendency to jump around to different computers alla time.

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