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Posting slowing down for a bit…

July 14th, 2008 Posted in General Media / Stuff, Self Reference

Hi All, its been a while since I wrote a “fireside chat” post and this is a good as time as any. Some of you may have noticed my posting has slowed down a bit over the last month or so. This is due to a ton of client work and paying work always takes precedent over blogging, sorry peeps. The good news is I have a lot of client work, the bad new is I have a lot of client work. On top of that, I am currently in a frantic push to get things wrapped up before I head out for a nice long vacation.

Hopefully, when I get back and settled in I will have a few more cycles to sit down and write, although looking at my calender and what is planned this may be tough. There are some big plans for this fall and I can’t wait to start talking about them but for now its heads down and work, work, work.

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