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Adobe MAX 2008: Sunday – Day One (Intro)

November 16th, 2008 Posted in General Media / Stuff, MAX 2008, Rich Internet Applications

Its that time, Adobe MAX has begun. Today was the first day of the conference which was mainly all-day labs / training sessions, registration and meet & greets. Aaron and I headed over for the speaker reception to catch up with some peeps, have a few drinks and get a feel for this years event.

Before we headed over to the meet and greet, Aaron and I put the finishing touches on our session presentations and got a look at our brand new business cards. We are proud to announce our new firm, DevelopmentArc. We will be working hard on the new site (its very much a placeholder) but we have some interesting plans and announcements once we get the site live. Keep an ear and eye out for it.

If any of you are planning on attending MAX, look me up and please say hi. I am always looking forward to a good tech conversation. I am hoping to blog a fair bit from the conference, when time allows and I will be taking notes as usual. I will try to convert the notes to posts over the coming weeks when ever I can sneak in some tim. An interesting point I just read about is that all the MAX sessions will be posted on AdobeTV a few weeks after the conference is complete. I have been throughly enjoying the 360|Flex and Ajax Experience video posts they have been sharing. Lots of amazing content. So I am sure there will be a TON of new content once MAX is done.

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